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CopyPastePro Bugs the Crap Outta Me

While looking for an alternative to ClipMenu I found CopyPastePro.

Unfortunately, I hate three things about it that almost make it a deal breaker:

  • Inability to use a separate keyboard shortcut (like ctrl-cmd-v). CopyPastePro forces cmd-opt-ctrl-v, which is 10x as difficult as ctrl-cmd-v.
  • It misses or prevents the occasional copy. I'll copy a URL, for example, and close the browser window. The "Edit" menu will flash and everything (cmd-C) so I know I copied it, but the copied URL is not on my clipboard or in CopyPastePro. I may have closed my browser window, making retrieval difficult. This happens A LOT. Around 33-50% of the time a lot.
  • I hate the clip browser. I loved the way ClipMenu would show a menu in place and let me choose the one I wanted. So much more straightforward than the stupid clip browser.

CopyPastePro offers Clip Palettes, but I don't like them floating around on screen nor do I like accidentally displaying them. I prefer ClipMenu's method - a menu appears right beneath your mouse pointer. The keyboard or your mouse pointer may be used to navigate. CopyPastePro can move the mouse pointer TO the clip menu but that's awkward.

Why did I stop ((This is not entirely accurate. I still use it, in fact - I'm just annoyed that it doesn't always work. The alternatives, sadly, are worse.)) using ClipMenu? Because after awhile it seems to stop adding items copied to the clipboard to its menu. I don't notice it until it's too late, and development stopped quite a few years ago. The author's last post to Twitter was ~680 days ago.

In short: CopyPastePro does 10x what I need and is thus 10x as annoying and fraught with problems and bugs.

6 Responses to "CopyPastePro Bugs the Crap Outta Me"

  1. There has only been one multiple clipboard manger that I have really liked, and that was from stupidFish Programming (which has been updated in 5 years or so). Until something better comes along, I am sticking with the manager built-in to Launch Bar.

  2. Cmd-opt-ctrl-v? That's not a shortcut, that's finger yoga.

  3. [quote comment="69954"]Cmd-opt-ctrl-v? That's not a shortcut, that's finger yoga.[/quote]

    Completely agreed.

    [quote comment="69952"]Until something better comes along, I am sticking with the manager built-in to Launch Bar.[/quote]

    Holy crap. Completely forgot that LaunchBar did this. It's almost exactly what I need. It's a little bit annoying but overall, may do exactly what I want.

    I'll leave ClipMenu off for awhile and see how I like LaunchBar.

    1. What do you find annoying about LaunchBar's implementation?

    2. [quote comment="69961"]What do you find annoying about LaunchBar's implementation?[/quote]

      I said a little annoying, not a lot. 🙂 Here's one thing: no mouse navigation. Another: need to hit escape twice to get rid of the menu.

  4. Well, this is funny: I found this post because CopyPastePro's manual incongruously burps this URL mid-sentence: ("If you press the c key twice (Command-c-c) the first free slot in the Clip Archive is for the new clip and a hot-key is assigned automatically.").

    Maybe the dev had some problem with his clipboard? 😀

    Interesting tip about LaunchBar, gotta check it. I was looking into CopyPastePro because I missed its "clipboard revolver" functionality from the Classic MacOS days, but looks like it went the way of the dodo...