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Late-Night Plan for New Mac Migration

The Mac Pro option I mentioned in my previous post is either very close to having left or is on its way towards the door. I do not think the Mac Pro is going to be updated anymore, and I think the new models David Pogue was referring to are the iMacs. I think the Mac Pro is done.

I'm currently thinking this will work fairly well:

  • MacBook Retina (768 GB SSD)
  • 27" Display
  • 2 x Pegasus 4, 6, or 8 TB Thunderbolt
  • Drobo with 4 x 3 TB drives (10 TB actual space, somehow) for offsite backup.

Pegasus 1 would contain the "extra" data (music, photos, videos) that I wouldn't bother to keep on the MBP's SSD drive. The second unit would be my Time Machine backup of the SSD and the first unit. Offsite backup would be the Drobo ((I'm not sure how the thing gets 10.91 TB when it's barely got that much actual storage. I thought you lost space due to the redundancy?)) once every couple of weeks.

The kid and the wife should like this plan, as they'll each get an upgrade as well.

What do y'all think?

P.S. The Cinema Display has built-in speakers? Hmmm. I might have to finally say goodbye to my Soundsticks?

4 Responses to "Late-Night Plan for New Mac Migration"

  1. Sounds like you found a solution!
    But uhm the cinema display speakers won't replace the sound sticks 🙂

  2. But will this be *faster* then the "refreshed" Mac Pro?

    There's bonus points here for the new-shiny and portability. However, I am in a similar situation to you; Mac Pro 2k8, 4 1TB Drives, 2 Auria 26" LCD's. Though my MBA is from March. (I had meant to post to your other blog post, ran out of time).

    For me the deciding factor is becoming clearer: What's going to speed up my Xcode compiles the most? After that, for me at least, what's going to speed up Aperture the most?

  3. [quote comment="70421"]But will this be *faster* then the "refreshed" Mac Pro?[/quote]

    That probably depends on which model chosen.

    According to the processor benchmarks over at Passmark, the i7-3820QM in the "Next-generation MacBook Pro" scored 9,648, whereas the lowest priced processor used in the 12-core Mac Pro (2x E5645s, 2.4GHz) scored 6,887. Upgrade to the 2x X5650's at 2.66GHz, and they score 7,949. Finally, the top end offering of the 2x X5675's at 3.06GHz score 10,150.

    I'm sure there's some conjecturing to be done over a single quad-core versus dual 6-core chips, but that comes down to the software you use most likely.

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