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Current Size of HDs, My Storage

I currently have four 3 TB drives.

  1. Peter contains my OS, home folder, etc. It is 1.1 TB currently.
  2. Harvey contains my Aperture vault, iMovie Events/Projects, and my Video folder (ripped DVDs and old home movies). It takes up 1.7 TB.
  3. Mimzy is my Time Machine drive, so it's basically full.
  4. Roger is a clone of Peter, so 1.07 TB.

I don't need a bootable backup drive, so this I basically just have because I can (with four bays in the Mac Pro). So I essentially have three drives, with 2.5 TB of actual data (my Aperture Vault on Harvey is 300 GB - I'd like to still have vaults but with Time Machine they may not be super necessary).

On Peter, the 1.1 TB breaks down as follows:

  • Home folder is 920 GB.
  • Of the 920 GB, my Music folder is 280 GB (120 GB in "Movies" and "TV Shows").
  • My Pictures folder (Aperture/iPhoto libraries and random images) is 360 GB.

In other words, if I move my TV Shows, Movies, and Pictures out of ~/Music and ~/Pictures I can save 480 GB. That still only gets my boot drive (OS+Home) down to about 620 GB.

That's still pretty darn big. It won't comfortably fit on any SSD - not even the 768 GB one.

This is one of the reasons I'm feeling a bit "stuck." I need a relatively large boot volume. It also makes it difficult to justify the MBP+Retina since 768 > 620 but not by a lot.