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Water Softener for the House

For years our dishes have been slowly getting cloudy, our shower heads have been getting deposits on them, and we haven't gotten a good lather from shampoos or soaps.

Suffice to say we're looking into a water softener.

Going rates seem to be about $2200 installed, and $15 every two months or so for salts. Does that sound about right?

We've had a Culligan guy out, and a RainSoft guy is coming soon ((I'm not letting him put on a three-hour show - he's got 30 minutes, tops.)). The Culligan guy recommended a "Gold Series" model. It seems okay.

I think what I should do next is call a plumber or two and see what they recommend.

We'll be here for awhile, so we're not considering renting.

Anyone with any experience?

5 Responses to "Water Softener for the House"

  1. The installed price sounds about right--similar to what we had several years ago, though the DIY route is always cheaper. Salt sounds a bit high though, as we get salt for a year and all RO filters for around $80.

  2. Thanks. I see that you can get 40 pound bags of salt for about $6, so that's about $60/year. I'll inquire about the RO filters too.

    I'm still planning to call a plumber and see what they recommend. I've read both good and bad things about Culligan.

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  4. You can use a 50/50 vinegar water soak to clean up the dishes. It takes quite a while, but the cloudy roughness is gone. We soaked them for over an hour.

  5. Yeah, I actually just use straight vinegar on a sponge and clean them up by hand. I can't go soaking all of the dishes every month or two just to get rid of the stuff (if for no other reason than I don't really have the sink space! :D).

    This shouldn't be a problem at all in about a week, and from what I hear, the dishes will begin to clear up on their own with soft water.