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Running Streak Ends

My running streak came to an end.

I was running at least a mile a day for as long as I could so long as the reason I missed was not laziness.

Well, I didn't miss a day's run out of laziness. I probably burned twice as many calories today as most days when I ran.

But oh well, it's over. And I'm somewhat relieved, too, because now I can get back to longer runs three times a week.

I think I'll take it really easy for awhile though.

2 Responses to "Running Streak Ends"

  1. That happened to me also, But I now can't go three days without running. And also running longer puts you in the zone more, so you feel more euphoric.

  2. i am jogging 5 kms per day,from the beginning,i run 3 kms and walk slowly 2 kms,and after a few days,i don't breathe harshly,so i can run 5 kms per day with ease.