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9 On the Microwave

I found this xkcd cartoon hilarious.

To enter in 1:30 I'll often (almost always) type "90." I also like multiples of nine, so I often type 36, 45, 54, or 63 instead of the more normal versions (30, 60). Sometimes I even put in 99 because it's more efficient - I don't have to move my finger to hit the 0. 🙂

90 is one fewer "keystroke" than 130! 🙂

Anyway, the 9 is not lonely on my microwave.

One Response to "9 On the Microwave"

  1. haha, I do that too. Well, not the 9s, but minimizing finger movement. 11 or 22 seconds instead of 10 or 20. My microwave has fast-start buttons for minutes 1-6 and for +30 seconds, so to do 1m30s I press 1 then +30, but otherwise I tend to minimize finger movement.