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Buying an iPhone 5 in England

My next upgrade to the iPhone 4S is in May or something, but I'm wondering if I was able to buy an iPhone 5 in England if that would "work" for me. The phone(s) are the same (I have AT&T service), right? I'd get the wrong kind of plug, but that would be easily remedied.

I'm just thinking that in England they don't sell phones on contract, right? So I could just pick up an iPhone, yes? No? What do iPhones cost in the UK?

Edit: Never mind. I'm an idiot. 🙂 Of course I can buy an iPhone, but it'll cost me like three billion dollars.

2 Responses to "Buying an iPhone 5 in England"

  1. according to this article it's pretty similar to buying in the U.S.:

    "10) Unlocked handsets will cost £529 (16GB), £599 (32G) and £699 (64GB), and there are various pay monthly contracts, some with up-front payment for the new iPhone 5 and others with free handsets.

    Orange is offering the 16 GB handset free on £46 and £51 per month contracts (two year term - details). O2 is also offering the 16 GB handset free from £46 but with less data (read more). Vodafone offer a free iPhone 5 for £47 a month (details) while T-Mobile do not offer a free iPhone 5 but have contracts ranging from £36 to £61 a month (see more). Three are starting out with £34 and £36 a month price plans and a £79 upfront cost (details)."

  2. Also the LTE will not work on AT&T. (It would still support 3G)