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iOS 6, iPhone 5, Incremental Updates

I'm still investigating ways to pick up an iPhone 5 at less than "full price" (and possibly even less than upgrade price, by trading in my iPhone 4S), but I must say I'm surprised at how disappointed some people are by both iOS 6 and the iPhone 5.

Both are exactly what Apple does best: incrementally improve a product.

iPhone 5 is hands down a better phone than the iPhone 4 that many people will be replacing, and iOS 6 is a great OS that adds 50+ new features (many small), but which doesn't even belong in the same discussion as iOS 4 which is NOT that old.

Incrementally updating hardware and software gets us an iPhone 5 with iOS 6. Just compare it to any previous combination of release hardware/software and the changes are stunning. Heck, compare it to the original iPhone which is really not that old and the original iPhone will seem about as useful as a rock, yet when it came out, it was awesome.

P.S. iOS 6 came out for my 4S just in time for me to take lots of panoramic photos in Scotland. Woo!