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BusyCal 2.0? No, Back to Calendar.

BusyCal 2.0 is out. It's a $29.99 UPGRADE.


A year or two or three ago, I used (and enjoyed) BusySync and BusyCal. It synchronized my calendar with my wife's, and worked quite nicely where iCal came up short.

But with iCloud, Calendar in Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) works well enough. About the only thing that it doesn't do that I used BusyCal to do is let me determine how long to snooze something when it came up.

Goodbye BusyCal. FWIW, my own personal threshold for this one was about $9.99. $29.99 (times two - my wife and I have separate licenses, of course) just ain't gonna cut it, let alone the $49.99 it will cost after December.

3 Responses to "BusyCal 2.0? No, Back to Calendar."

  1. I'll be upgrading, because I still don't like what Apple did to iCal/Calendar in Lion, and Mountain Lion is no better. Features are missing, and you must use more clicks to do certain tasks than in Snow Leopard and prior versions, or BusyCal.

    My wife & I share an account for iTunes purchases, so I'll only have to buy one copy of it.

  2. I use Fantastical to enter things in. That saves me the hassle of a few more clicks (which is true). Saving a few clicks is not worth $29, particularly when I then have to manage two sets of alarms (their preferences), and so on.

    I'm quite happy to be back with Calendar in 10.8.x, to be honest.

  3. I haven't really looked at Calendar in 10.8; my main problem is with Reminders. I am a big todo user, and I loathe Apple's Reminders app -- on both iOS and Mac OS X. (After trying several, I have settled on BusyTodo from the same company as BusyCal.)


    Now that I look at it a little bit, I guess the 10.8 Calendar app isn't that bad (it's definitely tons better than the mess that was 10.7 iCal), and that it's Reminders that keeps me on BusyCal.