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Selling My 2006 Mac Pro

I'm selling my 23" Cinema Display and my Mac Pro (Facebook link).

Mac Pro + 23" Cinema Display for Sale

Mac Pro (2006):
• 2 x 3 GHz Dual Core Xeon Processors
• 10.7.5 installed (latest available OS it can run)
• 13 GB RAM
• Dual SuperDrives
• 4 500 GB Drives Included (and installed)
• Apple Keyboard/mouse included

23" Cinema Display
• Recently calibrated
• 1920 x 1200 Resolution
• Includes separate Firewire iSight Camera

Pictures available upon request. For friends, I'll include an Analyzr license (this would make a great machine for in your golf instruction studio).

Make an offer please, including shipping or local pickup/delivery. I have the original boxes for the computer and the display.

One Response to "Selling My 2006 Mac Pro"

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