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Scouted a Possible Site for a Disc Golf Course in North East, PA

Earlier today my brother-in-law Brandon and I ventured out into the cold and rain to check out a few possible disc golf course locations.

We found what we consider a GREAT location in North East. The full name is "The North East Township Community Conservation Park" or "NETCCP" as an acronym. We walked and measured with lasers what we consider to be a pretty good set of nine holes that should appeal to novice and intermediate players as well as being challenging enough for better players to enjoy the course as well.

(Click for a larger image or view the image on Facebook.)nnThere's room for a practice basket and the park is vastly under-utilized at this point.

The current North East Parks & Rec board is:

  • LeeAnn Parmarter
  • Julie Pfadt
  • Kerry Corbin
  • Kathy Weinheimer
  • Bill Mackin
  • James Weinheimer
  • Roseanne Adkins
  • Fritz (GW) Holzhausen

We figure we'll need $6,000 to install a full nine-hole course with:

  • Nine baskets and one practice basket.
  • A welcome/rules sign and nine tee signs
  • Cement teepads

The cement teepads could be put in at a later time, reducing the initial cost to about $4,000 if necessary. The funds could be raised from the NE Township Parks & Rec budget or via donations and hole sponsorships from area businesses and individuals.

Winter is the perfect time to plan something like this as it could be ready to go when spring rolls around.

Brandon and I looked at some other places as well. You could easily put a nice 18-hole course in on the front nine of Gospel Hill, for example, and though we didn't get to Edinboro the same is true of the old Highlander location as well, particularly using old holes #8 and #9 at Highlander. Brandon and I "played" Hole #8 at Gospel Hill with a disc and it would be a pretty incredible par five.

P.S. Happy 35th, Carey. 🙂 I get to remind you that you're older than I am for the next five months again. Wheeee!