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Numbers (Spreadsheet App) Question – Multiple Views

Simply put, how can I create a document with two views of the same table?

I'd like this table:

Table View 1

To have a printable view that looks a bit like this:

Table View 1

(Not that it matters but you can click for larger versions of each of those images.)

The second table (which I'd like within the same file - if it's on a separate Sheet that's fine) eliminates a few columns, reorganizes them, resizes them, and changes some cell sizes (font sizes, widths, heights). The second table should grow (or shrink as I add or subtract rows from the first table.

Is this possible? If so, how?

4 Responses to "Numbers (Spreadsheet App) Question – Multiple Views"

  1. I have done this (in Excel) by making a table with every cell having a function setting it equal to the value in the other table. Start with a number of rows you don't expect to exceed for a while (even if many of them are blank) and then put a conditional format somewhere to indicate when that limit is exceeded.

  2. Yeah, I'm thinking that's probably the cheating way to do it, but I wonder if there's another way - like a way of setting up another "view" or something.

  3. I so want this! It seems like such an obvious feature. Why don't we have it?

    1. Having a data table and various views and reports on it is a database function--not something that spreadsheets are geared to do.