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Marco’s “The Magazine”

So, Marco's "The Magazine" has been around for a few issues now. What's the general take? Worth the $2/month? Worth it if you have to read it on your iPhone 5 only (no iPad)?

Thumbs up? Down? Somewhere in the middle?

4 Responses to "Marco’s “The Magazine”"

  1. Well, you can get a short preview of the content via the website, so you aren't flying totally blind if you do subscribe. In any event, it's two bucks a month, so it's a fairly painless thing to subscribe to even if you dump it after an issue.

    1. I know. 🙂

      I'm not worried about the money (the time I have or don't have to read is a bigger issue). I'm just curious what people think of it so far.

  2. I've enjoyed the first few editions so far. Written by tech people, but not exclusively about tech subjects. Well worth my two dollars a month. I would pay more if I could.

  3. I am enjoying it well enough so far - ie. I haven't been inclined to cancel it yet. I think Marco is delivering what he promised. It's definitely not the standard tech punditry and rehashed press releases.

    The articles have been hit or miss for me, but that's the point. If they were written for a broad readership I wouldn't find it appealing.

    Reading it on the iPhone 5 shouldn't be a problem. I read it on an iPhone 4 (5 coming today) and an iPad 2 with no issues on either device.