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QuadCopter for my Birthday

I think that for my birthday (March 23, so plenty of notice! :D) I'd like to get a QuadCopter to pair with my GoPro HERO3. Oh the things I can imagine doing with this combination…

Is there some place with this stuff pre-built? Or some place that details the basic options? Maybe even has stuff that doesn't cost a mortgage payment?! 😀

Hmmm. $1799 on Black Friday, normally $2399. I'm not listing that to buy it (Carey), just to remind myself the good ones are pretty expensive and thus this birthday wish will likely go unfulfilled. 😛

P.S. The more I look into all of this, the more I've talked myself out of it. And by typing that, now, I think I'm just about done.

3 Responses to "QuadCopter for my Birthday"

  1. You've just described my process for buying expensive stuff. I usually end up not buying them after hours of reasoning and arguing with myself 🙂

  2. Yeah, after talking about getting the Hero3 for months I am not so sure I want it now. Maybe this means it was just not meant to be.