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Hypercritical, Build and Analyze to End

Dan announced on his blog that both Hypercritical and Build and Analyze would end in a month or so. He recommends that users interested in those shows (I listened to John's and only rarely Marco's) begin listening to The Incomparable and The Crossover (which seems to have begun specifically to address the loss of the first two shows).

I'm curious given The Talk Show's demise on 5by5 ((I still haven't listened to a second of the show on its new host, but the loss of Hypercritical in particular may push me to finally do so)) if perhaps Dan simply isn't making Marco and John enough money for them to want to continue. Perhaps that's why John Gruber left too.

I get how exhausting doing a podcast can do, and at times how annoying it can be, but if you make even a thousand bucks an episode as Marco or John Siracusa, I think that money is tough to say no to for a few hours of work.