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Guns, Mass Shootings

A few random thoughts…

- Guns don't kill people, people do. But guns make it easier to kill people than a knife.

- If you want to kill a bunch of people, bombs, poisons, etc. are effective too.

- The media sure makes mass killers famous, don't they?

- Guns save lives, too - and I don't just mean guns used by the police.

- Murder is illegal. Didn't seem to stop that jackass in Connecticut. Point being if guns are made illegal, I'm fairly certain criminals will still find them. Not as many, and maybe not guys like this one, but then again, he could have made a bomb too.

- No responsible gun owner I know of is opposed to rational, reasonable restrictions on guns.

- This country needs people to hunt. It controls the population and leads to healthier game populations.

- The NRA isn't as wealthy as a lot of people want to believe it to be. And the NRA is not supported 100% by all gun owners. Far from it. I was a member for one year a decade ago until I learned more about them.

- I own two guns. One's a "fun" 0.22 slab sided Ruger which is great for target shooting (and, if I wanted, perhaps some squirrel or rabbit hunting). The other is a 9mm that I hope to never use outside of occasional practice and maintenance at a shooting range.

- Instructing teachers how to use a gun and to have one in the classroom is about the stupidest "solution" I've heard proposed.

- School remains statistically the safest place for children.

- A .223 is not a "high powered assault rifle." It's a hunting rifle. I shot my first deer with one.

- Millions and millions and millions of gun owners did not kill anyone today.

- The media should really try to get its facts right before they release information. The amount of misinformation that's been spread today by news outlets has been astounding.

One Response to "Guns, Mass Shootings"

  1. Yeah, I love how they keep calling that .223 civilian rifle a "high-powered ASSAULT rifle." Um, major news media, I think you don't know what that word means...