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WordPress Want – A Basic “Upcoming Events” Widget

I'm developing a small site for someone and I've already hacked together a custom widget to show recent posts on every page of the site (the "blog" is more of a "news" thing while the main site uses pages), but I haven't yet found a good solution for an "Upcoming Events" widget.

If it were me, I'd just read in a PHP file with arrays in it or something and spit out the data. No muss, no fuss. But the guy who will be managing this will want a nice GUI for everything.

I found one plugin and widget that works with .ics files but I don't know that I can rely on the customer being able to create a .ics file.

Plugins like this one seem like massive overkill.

Update: In the end I hacked up a copy of External Events Calendar, which since the site is new and began after WordPress 3.5, required the Links Manager plugin to expose the links capabilities within WordPress again.