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Wii U

Is there any compelling reason to get a Wii U? Any "console maker" games?

Our Wii hasn't seen much action lately (like in a year or two), while the Kinect sees regular action, but it's also been overheating or something as it will freeze sometimes after boot-up, so it could also be considered an "updated replacement" that let us keep playing our existing Wii games. Rarely. 🙂

One Response to "Wii U"

  1. Not really. There probably will be at some point but the game selection is pretty minimal at this point.

    New Super Mario Bros U is a great Mario game, very reminiscent of Super Mario World. If you like 2D platformers, I highly recommend it.

    Little Inferno is silly and cute, but I wouldn't buy a console for it. Besides, it'll be out on iOS and OS X soon.

    Nintendoland is ok. You'll end up with it if you buy the black model of the Wii U. But it's just a collection of minigames so its lasting appeal is limited.

    Those are the only games I have on it so far. (I just bought mine about 2 weeks ago.)

    Nice hardware. And the software is pretty nice for the most part (once you've applied the multi-gigabyte patch that enables most of the features … they didn't have the final version of the OS done in time to ship it with the hardware. Oops.) But it still needs a certain amount of work. (Particularly to address the long load screens in unexpected places. It's fine once you've started a game, but the UI for selecting games and adjusting settings has lots of weird unexplained delays.)

    I'd recommend waiting for a price drop and reevaluating the software lineup at that point.