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Methods for Inexpensive Airline Tickets?

What are the best ways to score the least expensive airline tickets?

For example, if I fly to San Diego from Erie, PA on April 11 and want to return on April 15, when should I buy the tickets? What day, using what methods?

I know to spoof a Windows browser. I've heard that. How far out do you buy them? Wait until the week before, or get them well in advance? Does the day of the week matter (the days I'm flying can't really be changed, though I could come back on a Tuesday instead of a Monday if it's going to save enough money).

2 Responses to "Methods for Inexpensive Airline Tickets?"

  1. I just read on 9gag (so really not a reliable source) that prices are better if you book on a Wednesday.

    The Wall Street Journal has a piece on the subject (but when you read some of the things they say about Apple, they might not be a better source than 9gag).

    I also found this one.

  2. Depends on the airline. Southwest, earlier is better. You can still get a low fair if you wait but it will not be lower than if bought it early.

    Other airlines are a crapshoot. I suggest either early or really last minute.

    Someone should right an algorithm to check on the price to let you know when the price goes down.