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ICE in iOS 7

It's not going to happen, most likely, but Chuq has a good bit on how Apple could enable ICE in addition to "dial 911" when your iPhone is locked.

I'd do this. I have RoadIDs and things when I'm running, but when I'm just out I've only got my wallet on it, and it may or may not be accessible (and does not have my wife's name and contact info in it).

Which makes me think: maybe I should make an ICE card and put it in my wallet.

One Response to "ICE in iOS 7"

  1. I think that people would be well served to get a 90% solution by putting a wallpaper on the lock screen with their contact information as well as that of their Emergency contact. (Make it a web app and people could choose a background, fill out the information and download it right on their phone. Make it an iPhone app and you could do much the same.)