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Weight Loss


Now having successfully buried the lede, it turns out that a decade ago I weighed 367. Today I weighed in at 398.4. That means over the last decade I’ve gained a net 31.4 pounds, which translates do 3.14 pounds a year (Mmmm…. Pi!), or a mere 1/4 of a pound a month (sorry about that pi joke. No, I honestly did not set up the numbers for that). If you take a simplistic view that a pound of body fat is about 3500 calories, that means my net “excess” is about 900 calories a month, or about one burger and fries at In-n-out. Or to break it down even further, about 30 calories a day. Remember that a standard can of sugared Coke is about 140 calories. That is, depending on how you want to play with the numbers, about ten minutes of walking a day.

In other words, even if you decrease your portion size by 10% or occasionally skip having ice cream late at night and do nothing else, you can lose weight. Or at least stop gaining it so quickly.