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Mini DV to iMovie

I've got about 100 MiniDV tapes I'd like to import. Ideally they'll simply end up as one movie file per tape.

But the method for importing seems to be a rather obnoxious one. Importing (even automatically) is a real-time process, and that's fine, except then you're left with a ton of .dv files - some literally zero bytes in length, often named poorly - and you have to add them to an iMovie project just to export them back out again.

I wish there was a way to pop a tape in the player, click an "Import" button, and have an H.264 file created (ideally skipping any empty parts on the tape).

Or does this exist? I'm willing to pay.

One Response to "Mini DV to iMovie"

  1. Did you try iMovie's "Magic iMovie" feature? I'm not sure if that works with MiniDV or just the newer memory stick cameras, but it might do what you want.