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My Father Has Passed Away

My father, who had a lung transplant last year, apparently had a rough weekend, was admitted to the hospital, and my mother and sister withdrew support, resulting in his death at 3:22pm today, three days after my 35th birthday. My father was 64.

It's no secret to those who know me well (a very small group, admittedly) that the best word to describe the relationship I've had with my father for the past eight years or so has been "none." It's the way he wanted things to be, and I made peace with it long ago. My father, for all intents and purposes, died a long time ago.

Memorial services will be held next week.

2 Responses to "My Father Has Passed Away"

  1. While I am sad to hear this, I did not know the relationship you had/did not have.

    The only memory of him was when I was working at Northwest Savings Bank, sometime between 1999-2002. He only mentioned that you were working at Apple at the time, possibly the retail you were talking about when I helped Ron Freeman move. He was going on to Carl, the manager at the time, about how the schools in California teach kids it's okay if they're gay and then produced some conspiracy book without an ISBN.

    1999 was pretty crazy.

  2. That sounds about right for him… 🙂

    It had to be around 2002 - I was still in college until 2001. 🙂 Thanks for sharing Jason. I appreciate it.