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The 2014 iBeetle Is Like an iPhone on Wheels -

The fact that the 2014 Beetle is going to be one of the first cars to do much with our iPhones is simply appalling.

Cars are owned for four, six, eight, ten years. So when they're already two, four, or six years behind adopting current technologies, they start to feel really outdated really quickly.

It's pathetic how poorly the auto industry integrates with our smart phones. There's money to be made here - design a generic "interface" (a small computer) that powers many of the car's functions, and make a part of it "swappable" to future-proof it against future technology changes (no 30-pin dock connectors if you know what I mean). Then sell upgrades to people when they change phones and/or technology advances sufficiently.

I'd be happy to have my entire touch-screen, GPS, stereo, etc. powered by my iPhone with integrated calling, Siri, etc.