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How Not to Run a Kickstarter Project – Pebble

I funded the project a long, long time ago. I participated in the voting for the special colors. I've done everything asked of me.

And what do I get in the end? A black watch, and a white watch on which I'm still waiting.

And now they'll be available to the general public in Best Buy of all places.

Backed this project over a year ago. Seeing my coworkers at BestBuy wear one before me really bums me out. Still waiting for my pebble.

I've never even worn my black one. It's not great. The software's been updated, and maybe it's better now than it was in the past, but… meh.

Anyone wanna buy a Black, virtually new Pebble? Or a white unopened Pebble?

One Response to "How Not to Run a Kickstarter Project – Pebble"

  1. I feel the same way, after that and double fine I have stopped kickstarting.

    I don't know why I thought I would ever wear a watch in the first place. I actually use it lately as a mail and or phone notifier. It stays in the drawer and I can hear the buzzing that means my phone is ringing.