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Read Receipts

Ars writer Casey Johnston on Why I hate read receipts:

The cases above are real, but it's safe to say that most messages are written to be responded to. Therefore, when someone doesn't respond to your message, it can be a blow to your ego. What was wrong with what you said? Too flip? Too harsh? Too dumb? Too boring? Has the conversation been boring the entire time and you didn't notice? Have you been bored this entire time but just didn't have the wherewithal to end the conversation first? Curse that other person for being braver than you and cutting ties first! You are now the hanger-on, just slightly more desperate than before.

A commenter adds:

The fact that I know if someone got my message to pick-up something important while they're in town is far, far more valuable to me than the potential for some BS social awkwardness as the author suggests.