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Ayn Rand was Nuts

I find it to be an offensive irony, a toxic irony, that Lyndon Baines Johnson—the founder of the so-called Great Society, which I consider to be the greatest insult to the individual man since Immanuel Kant first laid out his preposterous theory of the noumenal, that is to say, not objective reality—that I should share with this man, this evil man, the same love of the soft drink Fresca. They say it is a grapefruit soda, but I think it has a different flavor. What do you think?


2 Responses to "Ayn Rand was Nuts"

  1. Pssst.

    It's a spoof. I.e. not real... "humour"

  2. [quote comment="81593"]Pssst.

    It's a spoof. I.e. not real... "humour"[/quote]

    Yes, thanks for making that more obvious. I guess asking visitors to notice "BY JOHN HODGMAN" was a bit too much. 😀