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Safari 7 Crashes Frequently with JavaScriptCore

Safari 7 on OS X Mavericks (10.9) crashes regularly ((Not quite 100% of the time, but north of 80%.)) when I edit posts (of my own or anyone else's) on sites like or other sites that use the Huddler "Rich Text Editor."

An example crash log is here on PasteBin: It is not a hardware issue, as the crash is repeatable on over 20 machines that I've been able to test, including several that haven't been changed from the factory (Apple) configuration.

Additionally, Safari (and my other software) is rock solid otherwise - the vast majority of crashes I see these days are in Safari when doing this type of editing.

Here's a video showing two such crashes:

The only two extensions I regularly have enabled are YouTube5 and 1Password, but turning off extensions still results in this crash:

If any Apple engineers would like for me to test anything for them, I can screen record and document the process.

One Response to "Safari 7 Crashes Frequently with JavaScriptCore"

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