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MacUpdate Fiasco with Koingo Software


Their Reaction
And what did Misha (or staff) from MacUpdate do on the other hand?

  1. Removed the "Featured" red highlight for all Koingo applications on MacUpdate.
  2. Deleted every 3+ star review on every Koingo app on MacUpdate, but left all the bad ones.
  3. Posted "MacUpdate does not recommend software from Koingo Software" tags on all of our product pages on their site
  4. Continually sent messages to customers saying we reneged on our end of the deal. Of course, failing to mention there was no formal or official agreement in place. Failing to mention he did not go through any official channels. Failing to mention that he did not strike a deal for version 3. Let alone having any signed agreement with anyone who has signing authority at Koingo.
  5. Ignored us when we sent numerous CEASE AND DESIST orders to MacUpdate staff to remove our copyrighted works from
  6. Claims we're "re-writing history" because he misunderstood what was being offered and that he should've just used the proper channels. Just because you've misunderstood, sir, doesn't make it right to throw out allegations like that.
  7. Continually attempts to append our Wikipedia page with negative propaganda.

I've only ever had one bad interaction with MacUpdate, but it was over a decade ago ((Wow, seriously, it's been that long.)) when they listed closed beta software with a link to download what was clearly not an app for public consumption. The head of MacUpdate at the time was a different person, I believe, but the above - if you read the story I linked to with "Wow" - is quite appalling if even half of it is true.