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Export 1Password Logins into iCloud Keychain?

Ars Technica: Apple's iCloud Keychain: It works, but with frustrating limitations.

I have something like 440 logins saved in 1Password. I have no plans to use anything but 1Password on my two Macs, currently. It's simple, straightforward, efficient, and relatively feature-packed (it also includes secure notes, software registration information, and other things iCloud Keychain does not have).

Yet on the iPhone or iPad, using 1Password is still really annoying.

So I'd like to use iCloud Keychain within Safari on my iOS devices, but I'm not sure there's a way to mass export my 1Password logins into my iCloud Keychain. I could easily manually enable the iCloud Keychain use in Safari on my Mac, visit the top ten or twenty sites, and get the information into the iCloud Keychain, but even that sounds like a lot of work.

Is there a way to sync or export or copy 1Password Logins to the iCloud Keychain?

Search results aren't promising.

P.S. Several others are in the same boat as me in this thread. The answer at the bottom may be the best option for now:

As Meek mentioned, there is currently no way for 1Password to sync with iCloud, and importing into iCloud directly isn't possible right now. As iCloud is a service that only recently became available to third-party developers, we're quite excited about the future possibilities here.

However, If you would like to take advantage of the convenience iCloud Keychain offers in Safari form filling right now, here's how you can have your cake and eat it too. We recommend that you continue to maintain the master copy of your data in 1Password. When the information you're filling differs from what iCloud Keychain has stored, Safari should prompt you to save it. In this way, you retain the cross-platform, cross-browser security and functionality of 1Password as well as enjoy the convenience of Safari's form filling.