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Lowest Score Wins – My Project on Indiegogo

If you get the chance, please check out my project on Indiegogo. "Lowest Score Wins" is… well, I may as well just copy what it says:

"Lowest Score Wins" (or "LSW") is a first-of-its kind book that will lower your score the very next time you play.

Lots of books promise to make you better… What makes LSW different?

Golf books have traditionally fallen into one of several categories: some purport to help you with the mental game, some will try to assist you with your golf swing, or your short game. These books, though helpful, often fail to help you lower your score… not today, not tomorrow, not next year.

By combining our rich statistical analysis, simple techniques, and gameplan building blocks, LSW will help you build your own Lowest Score Gameplan to shave strokes off your score quickly. We will show you specifically what to do and what pitfalls to avoid every time you play golf. We will show you techniques to quickly improve your game without overhauling your swing. We'll examine statistics - of the game's best, average, and poorest players - and show you how to take advantage of the skills you already possess.

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