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The NSA and Storing Your Emails

The NSA: An Inside View reminds me of the conversations I've had with my wife about liberties, storing emails, etc.

She has said "They can keep and read all my emails, I don't care. I'm not doing anything wrong and I'm boring." I'm more on the side of don't talk to the police (though not to AJM's level in the comments). I'm more on the side of NOT having my privacy and liberties "softened" over time, because the more things erode, the more the eroded state becomes the new starting point for further erosion of rights and liberties.

But this all exists on some large greyscale slider of sorts. I'm obviously fine with some enforcement of scans at airports, but think that the TSA has gone way too far in several instances. Others would put the point at which they think they've had enough at a different point than me.

Is the government going to find anything even if they - on the incredibly rare chance that they do - look at my emails and stuff? No. But do they deserve to be given the chance? I'm still leaning towards "no."