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Siracusa Grades Apple’s Year (2013)

John Siracusa graded Apple's year based on his list from February 2.

You'll have to click through to read his thoughts, but his grades and any short comments I have are below:

Ship OS X 10.9 and iOS 7: A-

Diversify the iPhone Product Line: B+ - Except that the 5c isn't selling particularly well. It's still selling millions, but compared to other models…

Keep the iPad on track: A-

Introduce more, better Retina Macs: B- - I think the most disappointing was the lack of a 4K display for the new Mac Pro, perhaps.

Make Messages work correctly: D - At least you can block individuals now, though. I don't think a D is a fair grade here. I use Messages heavily, on my Mac and iOS devices.

Make iCloud better: C - Yeah, and Tim Cook will shit Skittles. 😀 It's a complex issue… But I'm still paying for (and using) Dropbox, so…

Resurrect iLife and iWork: B- Meh. You're only pissed about these if you used a good chunk of the advanced features.

Reassure Mac Pro lovers: A

Do something about TV: F I don't know what else they could have done, realistically speaking.

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