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TypeIt4Me vs. TextExpander – Round 22

When I last blogged about this, back in 2006 (!!), we were only on round 12.

TextExpander was only at version 1.3 (!!).

Today I got an email announcing TextExpander 4.2.1, so I checked it out. I'm trying it, and thus far, I'm liking it. It expands every time so far, and the only missing feature that I used a few times in TypeIt4Me is the ability to simulate other keyboard presses (like the backspace key) when expanding.

Why am I trying TextExpander - and actually going so far as to buy the upgrade ($15) and commit to using it for awhile? Because TypeIt4Me doesn't seem to be getting attention. The last update is approaching a year old, and none of the instructions were even updated for Mavericks and the new Accessibility controls or System Prefs.

TextExpander, on the other hand, continues to get attention.

One Response to "TypeIt4Me vs. TextExpander – Round 22"

  1. I've discovered one feature that seems to be missing.

    In TypeIt4Me, I could type a shortcut like "ejb" and shift-space and the shortcut would not be expanded. I cannot find that in TextExpander (the next best thing is to not define escape as a delimiter and use that).