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Analyzr 2.0 Coming in March

Three years ago today we released the first version of Analyzr - version 0.9.

By the end of next month, we'll introduce our first paid upgrade - version 2.0. It will add, among other things:

  1. Vastly improved screen recording
  2. Pictures in the Library
  3. Live Video recording via iSight, USB, Firewire, or Lightning cameras
  4. Export to YouTube, Flickr, and The Facebook
  5. Retina graphics app-wide

The Student version gets a few of these things, too, making both a nice upgrade. Currently (this may change), we'll offer upgrades at $149 and $29 - less than half the cost of a new purchase, despite the free upgrades many have enjoyed for two or three years.

I'll write more when the applications near release. In the meantime, you can check out the site or our page on The Facebook.