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Joined AT&T’s New Family Plan

We just switched to AT&T's $100 (+$15/line) shared 10 GB data + unlimited talk/text plan.

It mad sense, when we mapped it all out. We may be buying our iPhones from here on out (though the AT&T Next plan simply has you paying the actual cost of the phone, not an uncharged amount, so it's basically a 0% loan you pay off over 21-27 months or so), and my mother-in-law kicked things off by buying an iPhone 5c.

I'll likely always have the new phone. The wife will get my old one. And my kiddo, who at 11 has her own cell phone to go with her own iPad mini, will get a phone that's between 1-2 years old.


One Response to "Joined AT&T’s New Family Plan"

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