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36 and in Cincinnati

Today I turn 36. I've completed the first two rounds of my tournament (though I do hope for extra holes at the end), and I feel I'm in the lead. I've got a great wife, a great kid, and I wake up every day excited for the work I'll do.

Work has been taking a bit more time away from my family than I'd like lately, but I've got a book coming out, golf season is picking up again, we're putting together online training for 5 Simple Keys®… and I've still gotta finish submitting my Level 1 PGA stuff… maybe.

Today I'm actually gone all day, from 5am to about midnight, with Dave giving a talk on 5SK at the Southern Ohio section of the PGA's yearly teaching summit. It's a great honor, and we hope to give information that people can immediately use to help make their students better.

Beyond that, happy 36th to me. 🙂