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Odd Page Breaks in Pages

I'm using Pages to write a book (because the thought of using Word makes my skin crawl a little bit), but two things are quite annoying. The first is how Pages treats keyboard shortcuts like option-delete, or shift-arrow, and similar. Oftentimes it edits or selects (or deletes) text after the insertion point, even though you're deleting or selecting to the left or up.

The second is less of a daily annoyance and more of something I want to be mindful of: there seems to be no way to "insert odd page break" in Pages. Perhaps Pages is simply not built for writing a book, in the end, because books have odd-numbered pages on the right, and you don't want a new chapter to start on the left-hand side of a page. Word's "Insert -> Odd Page Break" menu handles that for you, even as the page numbers change during editing.

Pages simply has no capacity for this.

If it does, and I'm somehow missing it, I'll be quite grateful if someone can tell me how.