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ReadKit? NetNewsWire?

PulpFiction was great. Cyndicate was even better.

But now neither are really no more, and it's only a matter of time before Cyndicate stops working.

That will be a sad day for at least two or three people. Namely myself, Brad, and one other person I know who loves Cyndicate.

I love how feeds are sorted by their content, not the blog from which they came. I could probably manage a similar thing in other blog readers if I use smart folders or something, but that seems like a bit of a weird approach and that the individual blog feeds are always being thrust in your face as "how you're supposed to use this app."

I've heard good things about ReadKit. And of course NetNewsWire is still out there.

NetNewsWire (I just tried a recent one) still screws this up. It sorts feeds into folders, but doesn't show you the contents of the folders when you select them. Seriously… So does ReadKit work this way? Because this way sucks, TBH. Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't seem to be…

3 Responses to "ReadKit? NetNewsWire?"

  1. Another option, which I’m using right now, is Reeder for Mac 2.0 (currently in Beta form). It’s a complete rebuild of the application, so there are some options that aren’t there yet, but used in conjunction with a Feedly account (or another service, I suppose), it does many of the things you are looking for, including showing a list of everything in a folder, not just individual feeds.

  2. I'm still out here and have used PulpFiction and then converted to Cyndicate (as a beta tester). I realize there probably won't be any more updates for Cyndicate but occasionally ponder how I will take all my accumulated data/feeds/etc. and transfer them to another application when the time comes. It has been a solid and loyal product so I'll hate to leave it when the times comes.

  3. Thank you to both Scotts for your responses.

    @Scott #1 I'll check out Reeder.

    @Scott P, the articles you can export a few different ways (they're really just links to stories, so technically a list of URLs would be "exporting" the data), and your subscriptions can be exported to a standard OPML file.