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Got a Smart Car (Electric!)

A few days ago, Dave and I each leased a 2014 Smart Car Electric Drive from Smart Center Buffalo (the Mercedes-Benz dealership).

We're going to "wrap" the car in advertising, and drive it around whenever we can. It's surprisingly roomy. A golf bag even fits in the back (you have to take the clubs with headcovers off and angle them, but all the irons fit!). The front seating feels quite spacious fore and aft (the car is only 5'1" wide so there's not a lot of room between the seats). The car goes about 70 miles on a charge (which costs about $1.25) and goes 75+ MPH. I've driven it on I-90 back from Buffalo, NY, and it performed admirably.

Smart Car

It's quite fun to drive, too, and inexpensive. Even with conservative numbers and just factoring in gas savings and not depreciation, I will only be spending about $40/month to advertise with this thing… and it should be effective advertising, as everyone looks at the car when we're driving it somewhere.

P.S. Advertising for Golf Evolution.

One Response to "Got a Smart Car (Electric!)"

  1. Good call on using it to advertise Golf Evolution -- it kind of looks like a golf ball.