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Michael Tsai on What Backblaze Doesn't Back Up:

My other concern is that Backblaze doesn't actually back up everything. It fails all but one of the Backup Bouncer tests, discarding file permissions, symlinks, Finder flags and locks, creation dates (despite claims), modification date (timezone-shifted), extended attributes (which include Finder tags and the "where from" URL), and Finder comments. Arq, CrashPlan (as of version 3), SuperDuper, and Time Machine all support all of these. Dropbox supports all of them except creation dates, locks, and symlinks.

That was particularly interesting given John Gruber's canned promos about how it's built by former Apple engineers. Were they good Apple engineers, because that metadata matters.

I'm still using CrashPlan and it's been working beautifully, so far as I can tell.