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Working from Home

Working from Home:

The main problem you’ll encounter when working from home is… well, you. We need constraints in order to reinforce productive behaviour. The idea of a work ethic goes out the window for most people when no-one is looking over your shoulder. Some people can just work diligently, regardless of whether anyone is checking up on them. That’s fantastic. Most of us, however, need some help.

Slacking off (regularly) when working from home is always self-defeating. Either the boss will notice and stop you working from home (or fire you), or if you’re the boss, you’ll suffer everything from shame to the collapse of your business. The secret to working from home is to work, and the secret to working is to have enforced boundaries.

I do a pretty good job of this, though I can always get better.

If you think working from home is easy, then you've probably never run your own business from home. I'm sometimes (only sometimes) envious of the people who can "leave work at work." When your work is right upstairs, or on your lap, you can never really get away from it unless you leave your home. And even then, it's tough, with iPhones and texting and whatnot.

P.S. Self Control may come in handy as well. But it's also somewhat dangerous if you don't know how to edit your /etc/hosts and ipfw lists.