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Mario Kart 8

Hail Mario talks about how Mario Kart 8 is, perhaps, one of the best video games ever made.

I've told this story countless times already, but, well… I'm just going to link to it.

Every day, with rare, rare exception my third year of college, Bill, Cazi, Matt, and I and sometimes Mike or another fill-in would play Mario Kart 64 for a minimum of 60 minutes. I would say I averaged nearly 2 hours/day over the span of those nine months. In short, I became one of the best damn Mario Kart players in the world. 🙂

We played Battle mode 95% of the time, occasionally dipping into a race circuit for the different challenge it presented. I was almost always Luigi, feeling that he presented the best speed, acceleration, and maneuverability. The few times I lost, becoming "the bomb" and taking it out on your sworn enemy (for those few minutes, anyway) kept the game interesting and the flak talk flowing.

Matt would whine when he lost "I hit the button, it didn't… that's not fair!" even though he knew damn well we were all playing with the same controllers on the same console with the same game. Cazi would just laugh "hee heh hee hee" and shout "yeah!" and "booya" and other phrases. Bill played it cool, as if he was Iceman in Top Gun, but got his ass handed to him often enough that we knew that was just how he played the game, and not how he asserted his cool dominance.

Me? I was just glad to be there, kicking ass and taking names. Sometimes, anyway.

That post is almost enough to want to make me pick up a Wii U.

But I said almost.