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1Password in iOS 8

The Power of iOS 8 – Ole Begemann

  1. Go back to the home screen and launch 1Password.
  2. Enter your 1Password master password.
  3. Locate the web siteʼs credentials in the 1Password database. I have several hundred logins stored in 1Password, so this can require quite a bit of manual browsing or using the built-in search, which is tedious on a mobile device.
  4. Copy your password to the pasteboard. And while youʼre at it, if the web site requires you to enter a user name (as opposed to your email address), make sure to remember it now or you will have to switch back and forth twice between Safari and 1Password. The pasteboard only accepts one item at a time.
  5. Go back to Safari.
  6. Manually enter your user name/email address and paste your password.

This sucks.

I agree.