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Importing Aperture to Lightroom

The Adobe Blog writes: Apple's Aperture News. In it, Jeffrey Tranberry says "We're looking into a way for Aperture customers to more easily migrate to Lightroom." The current solution, frankly, sucks:

We’re working on a way for iPhoto and Aperture customers to more easily migrate to Lightroom. As of right now, your best bet is to save any metadata to your files, then import the files directly from disk. (Note: Aperture develop settings aren’t compatible. If you want to preserve the look of your image edits, export rendered versions of your files from Aperture to import to Lightroom).

This article was also linked at John Beardsworth's "Lightroom Solutions."

I'm going to hold off for a bit, but it is still very sad to me that Aperture is done, dead, deceased. 🙁

P.S. Apple Stops Development of Aperture - Good stuff there too about relying on Apple with our data. 🙁 Other good pieces: Aperture is Dead. Long Live Photos! and Comment Follow-up on the Demise of Aperture.

2 Responses to "Importing Aperture to Lightroom"

  1. With such a “solution” and no information about what Photos will look like, I say it’s a waste of time to even consider Lightroom if you have photos in Aperture.

    My dad says it might unfold like Final Cut Pro X: people were quick to whine at the new version even before it came out, but after a while it ended up catching up with and even surpassing the previous version.

    1. Perhaps, Ölbaum, yes.

      Supposedly Aperture support will continue through Yosemite as well, so that leaves a year or so to investigate Photos (and let it improve), or to continue to investigate Lightroom.

      My own use of Aperture has slowed quite a bit in recent years (my kid doesn't hang around her parents as much, for one…), but the old photos I do have in there are fairly important, as is their organization.