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iOS 8 Stuff (and a new Kindle?)

Just a bunch of stuff…

My iPhone 6 arrives in two days. Meanwhile, iOS 8 is on my 5S today… 😀

Maps still crappy for you? Apple bolstering 'Report A Problem' Maps options in iOS 8

iOS 8 Features: Hidden New Features - How "hidden" they are depends on how large the rock under which you've been living is, I suppose. Most are pretty good though.

Get to know iOS 8: Changes in the Settings app - A good run-down.

Seven privacy settings you should change immediately in iOS 8 - Meh. I also don't have an "Only when Using" setting in most of my apps. And most of these settings are not new.

How To Fix iOS 8's Biggest Annoyances - Of course, not all of these are annoyances to all. Predictive text you can turn on and off with the little nub, for example.

18 hidden iOS 8 features you probably didn't know about - If you haven't set up your emergency contact card yet, please do so now. For your sake.

The iPhone 6 (Plus) Camera was reviewed really well. I think the cameras are identical in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus except for optical image stabilization (6 Plus only).

A new Kindle? I want it.