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iPhone 6 Cases and Keyboards

I picked up the Apple Silicone case in bright green, but am eagerly awaiting the Tech21 case. My wife and kid both have one for their iPhone 5S and 5, and they're just the right blend of size versus protection (actually they seem to have an abundance of protection), and the right blend of grippy and sticky.

The silicone case is nice, and bright, but sometimes sticks when pulling it out of pockets, which makes it prime for catching at the right time and falling out of my hands.

iOS 8 has some bugs. None are show-stoppers for me. But one is annoying: I can't see all of my photos when I'm trying to change the wallpaper. What's up with that?

Also… I am trying out SwiftKey. It was free. I'd pay for another keyboard of I knew it would work well and I'd like it. SwiftKey is a foray into it. I like it, except that it's quite annoying when it gets a longer word wrong.