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iMessage Group Threads; New Threads Created

iMessages are great. I like that you can name group conversations in iOS 8.

Leaving them doesn't always seem to work (perhaps everyone has to have iOS 8? Currently if I leave a group I still often get messages from that group).

But the troubling issue is that, a few times a day, a group conversation will suddenly spring up in a new thread. Someone will respond, and for some reason or another, that will be the first post in a new thread. Often the thread is unnamed, but sometimes it is.

My working theory is that this occurs when someone in the group is "unavailable" for data for some time, even briefly.

Deleting the "new" threads seems to work to let everyone get back to the existing thread, but even that doesn't always work.On Mac OS X ((I still can't get used to the dropping of "Mac.")), works beautifully and always keeps things in the same thread.

I wish Messages on iOS was smart enough.

P.S. Everyone in the conversation is in my Contacts. It's never a case of someone messaging from an "unknown" address.