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OS X and iOS Software Rushed, Buggy

Many, many Apple folks seem to believe Apple should slow down and fully bake their OS X and iOS software released before releasing them to the world.

I concur.

Apple's Software Quality Decline

There are a few counter-arguments in the comments, including:

Software development is a process, not a product. Perfection is impossible. Why? Because it's written by people and people don't get everything right every time, and even when they do get it right, something else changes to break it. That's how it is.

Let's just look at a couple of comparable software development environments.

Android: unbelievably fragmented. Highly susceptible to security exposures. Almost impossible to update massive parts of the installed base. Riddled with tracking and advertising hooks designed to serve its owner, not its users.

Windows: Vista. 'Nuff said. Oh! And the world's biggest vector for malware.

It's right that Apple should be held to a higher standard. That's only what the company expects, and what we demanding Apple users expect. And there will be times when things go awry, especially as the depth and breadth of its software Eco-system expands. But let's not get carried away with the trope that this is something Apple isn't addressing and cannot improve.

Apple provides me and my team with a richly endowed, high productivity environment, with high security and does this all with panache and elegance. Sometimes we forget just how good this all is.

Could it be even better? Of course. Will it be? I'm pretty sure I know the answer to that one.

I agree… let's not be unreasonable.