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CrashPlan for Local Backups?

A comment here: Begemann's Backblaze Review

- I've replace Time Machine (which repeatedly failed and erased my history) with Crashplan for lokal backup as well as cloud backup. Very convenient. Even when I'm away from home the backup goes to my local backup at home. (And then there is the option to backup to friends on off site location, although I have not used it yet.)


I'm still a little annoyed that a developer for Code42 said that they would have a native (i.e. not Java) version of CrashPlan available for Mac OS X by the time Mavericks shipped, and yet here I am on Yosemite still running a barely updated version.

As much as John Gruber loves Backblaze, I'm quite happy having chosen CrashPlan given the many limitations of Backblaze.